Tokuda Clinical Research Center

Tokuda Clinical Research Center is a unique for Bulgaria structure, which provides top quality support and core services essential for the efficient and ethical conduct of clinical research studies)

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Information for patients

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Information for CROs & Sponsors

When planning the conduct of a clinical trial at Tokuda Hospital Sofia, the CRO/Sponsor should submit an application form and a number of additional documents)

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Using our extensive global and local regulatory expertise, we work with you in developing and gathering the complete number of documents for a fast and efficient BDA and IRB submission and approval.


TCRC maintains a well-defined Quality Assurance System that is orientated towards national and international quality standards.


for patients

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate new medical approaches and increase scientific understanding of a wide variety of diseases. They are designed to advance scientific knowledge while protecting trial subjects.

Information for

Practical information for CROs and Sponsors when submitting documents on a new clinical trial..

Powerful and effective

cooperation lasting for years

Five years of researching the new health!